Training Department

This is an important department of Part Control Company, highly valued by the company’s management, because it aims localization of the knowledge. The goals and policy of the company is to update the knowledge of its experts and other colleagues inside the organization in the field of control and automation (in order to provide better services to industrial community), and by holding training programs in different levels for consulting engineers, executive experts and system operators in the field of control systems and related sciences, it provides valuable services.

Our Courses:

Drive Technology Training

Bardac runs regular training courses on industrial drive technologies with a strong emphasis on application engineering and problem solving. They are structured to cover a wide range of application issues, participant interest and ability. The course covers all topics relating to both AC motors and their drives. AC motors represent industry’s workhorse in all applications.Understanding maintenance and troubleshooting procedures of such vital industrial equipment means that reduced downtime and increased productivity for the company.
PLC Programming Course

This course is designed to equip the novice with no prior PLC programming experience with the basic tools necessary to create a complete PLC program using ladder logic common to most current platforms. Using the SIMATIC software , we will be covering such topics as general controls, digital and analog IO, ladder logic programming, alarm notification handling, HMI, emulation, best practices and more.

In the end, we will go through an entire, working PLC program line by line to solidify comprehension of the learning objectives.
HMI Technology Training

As a PLC programmer, there are two sides of the coin that you MUST know to get the job done, and those are the PLC and the HMI. But if people aren’t able to interact with those machines, they aren’t going to be of much use! In this course, you’re going to learn about HMI and SCADA by creating graphical interfaces operators will use to monitor automated process, establish operating parameters, and even acquire and warehouse data from a running system.
Industrial Network Course

The Modbus protocol is the oldest and still by far the most popular automation protocol in the field of process automation and SCADA. Knowing how to create Modbus based networks that run on the RS485 serial communication standard is essential for any electrical technician and engineer working in these fields. Being able to integrate devices from different manufacturers is a skill that is in demand and will ultimately make you more valuable and marketable in the industry.